Tuesday, May 10, 2011


1. Fridays are, the last work day of the week and that alone makes me super super happy :)

2. People in love,sunshine, summer days, cookouts, and lake time make me terribly happy

3. Something that inspires me is, hard to say because I have so many things that do that :)

4. If I had the day off today, I would go walking and loose some weight so I can have my beach body back

5.  If I had to put a label on my home decor style, I would say my style is, modern and very elegant :) very well put together as well as very neat and organized

6.  Concerning politics I would say I am,  neither republican or democrat I choose people based on how I think they could help our country and such on what needs to be done and who I seem to think seems to be the most sincere in what they say and do

7. I'd like to go to Hawaii so I could lay on the beach get a tan and explore the amazing beautiful islands :)

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