Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday..Relationships

Top 2 Tuesday..Relationships

# 1 They take work... No matter what relationship anyone decides to be in they take a lot of work. You will never be perfect you need to love the other imperfectly even with their flaws because that is who they are. If you cannot love them imperfectly then maybe you do not really love them because loving them means loving who they really are not who you want them to be. Never go to bed mad, upset or even angry talk it out. It is way easier that way believe me.

# 2 It's the little things that matter the most... Never take anything for granite. Live each day as if its your last. Remember that the little things are what matter the most. I do not need a brand new car, house, or anything big  to make me happy. All I want is little things like him kissing me on my forehead because I love it, buying me some kind of candy randomly because I meantioned it sounded good early, snuggle time with him while watching a scary movie all those little things are what mean more to me then anything else that he could ever get or buy me. I would rather have something homemade then to go out and eat. It is way better because I know he took the time and effort to make it all on his own or something we made together and put effort into that beats any fast food or sit down restaurant. I will always be the one to say that the little things matter the most to me 


Brianna! said...

Defintely the little things matter most!

It's seriously does:)


Ashleigh Nichole said...

I agree with you :)Happy Tuesday to you also...