Friday, March 4, 2011

The phrase or punctuation I overuse most is... Commas and explanation marks I would have to say are my 2 worse ones.

Today I am thankful for... My sweet boyfriend who loves me all the time every day.. 

My best friend is... I would have to say Amanda Dawn is my absolute best friend she knows me inside and out every single little detail of my life 

A quirky thing about me is... I hate clowns with jagged teeth they scare me to death I like have panic attacks over them I do its awful I freak out

This weekend I am...Celebrating my boyfriends birthday with him all weekend  I cannot wait we have so much planned to do which means little rest I will be exhausted after all is said and done then leaving Monday for Spring Break :-) tons of fun awaits 

Something that worries me....I am worried about a lot of things like what day will I get married on, how many kids will I have, will their at least be one girl, pretty please and thanks, I hope I never outlive my children I want them to outlive me, will I be a burden once older and can no longer take care of my self so much runs threw my little brain all the time... as you can tell... at least I'm prepared to ask crazy insane questions and think about them.

On my night stand you would find... my cell phone plugged in charging and my keys short and sweet right 

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