Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dixie Stampede n weekend in Brent's hometown Seymour

Yesterday Brent and I left our home in Cookeville Tennessee to head to his hometown which is Seymour Tennessee. I love his hometown it has so much character there it also helps that his family is there & I love them they are so sweet.

While we was there in his hometown, Brent and I stayed with his parents at their home. Tessa and Elijah which is Brent's sister and nephew also came and stayed the night as well it was so much fun all in all. Elijah had tons of fun playing with us all. It was good getting to see baby Elijah Brent and I had not seen him since Christmas, he had gotten so much bigger. While their Nani wanted to go to Pigeon Forge to see the Dixie Stampede. So Nani, Tessa, Elijah, Mimi, Darrell,  Brent and I  went too it. 

Our menu for the show was as follows:
Tender whole rotisserie chicken                  
Hickory smoked barbecue pork loin
Buttery corn on the cob
Original creamy vegetable soup
Hot homemade biscuit
Herb basted potato
Apple Pastry
Pepsi, Tea or Coffee to drink 

Our food was so so good and we had newspaper bags to take our food home in that we did not finish their we also had our pics made and we loved our pics. I have them at home in the album they gave us so I took my cam n took a pic of them both so I could put them up on here :)

in order it goes:

Babi Elijah loved it so so much I even took some pics for you all to see it was so so cute :) He just had such a blast between all the music, food, and horses I think the horses was his favorite though he wanted to badly to pet them and ride them....


Brent and I took just one pic of us while their but that was only because he was so sleepy and tired he was fussy for a big kid hehe but I still love my sweet amazing man :) even if he does not look very happy at this very moment....

We came back home today. I was sad to leave everyone. I love when we get to visit and I know Brent does too we have so much fun when we are there with them. I cannot wait until our next visit maybe then it can be longer then just 2 days :) This was us on the way back home....

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