Sunday, March 13, 2011

Alisha and I had a blast the other nite

On Friday Alisha and I had a blast but then again we always do. I love her to death she is not only a friend but also like a sister as well. Friday for lunch we ate at Chilies Grill & Bar it was very good.

We later on decided that we was going to get in the tanning bed so we did just that. I stayed in for 15 minutes while silly white Alisha stayed in for 20 she is now burned needless to say. She must have forgot that I was a lot lot darker then she was hehe... We also watched Burlisque  which is also an amazing movie we both must say :)

Later that nite we went to mc donalds n got sweet teas except they was not sweet enough so we was not fond of them to say the least but here are some pics :)

This was our fun Friday night :)

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