Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Holiday Weekend

My holiday weekend was a blast spend with family, friends, & tons of people whom I did not even know but I loved every single moment of it..

I worked Slide the City as a volunteer but I also took plenty of turns sliding too believe you me heck I even learned a whole new meaning to sore & could barely move.. 

Enjoyed seeing the boys dress up in crazy outfits each day which totally made me laugh however I bout killed them all 3 when they done a video of me taking a crash & burn sadly...

Made new friends which was pretty great if I do say so myself I even got to do sign language which I haven't done in forever it seemed like..

My aunt's & us had doughnuts which we will never eat again ha you believe that right? Yea I didn't think so goodness knows  I don't believe it hehe..

I even managed to make time to go see Tarzan.. I may be 27 but you can bet your booty that when I went to see it I said I was 5 bahaha.. I loved that movie & I will without a doubt be buying that baby up once it hits dvd status :)

Fireworks & cookouts happened during this holiday weekend too goodness knows neither of those can be forgotten about however, our fireworks were about 20 minutes delayed but that was ok they still turned out good in the end :)

Did you all have a good 4th of July weekend? If so how did you spend yours?

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Jen Mc said...

That looks like a GREAT weekend!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed and had fun.