Sunday, November 15, 2015

Vacay Was Long & Exhausting

For most people whom go on vacation its suppose to be rest & relaxation not stressed & ready to scream!  I love my family I really do however, they drive me insane sometimes.. More often then not actually how sad is that?

For instance my Aunt Shirley bless her heart she seems to think that if you not in a brand new hotel then god forbid staying there! You would think its a crime as if someone handcuffed her & locked her in a jail..

I on the other hand could care less whether it is brand new or not.. When we always go up in November I want easy! We always go up to go to the jewelry show.. Easy to me means staying close to the jewelry show! Why you ask? Well you see not everyone wants to stay the same length of time & such so being able to come & go as you please seems a bit more easier if you ask me!

Funny story my Aunt Judy, cousin Lindsey, & cousin Stephanie agree with me but cant ever seem to tell Aunt Shirley NO! So instead of staying where they were which was the exact same place I was at they decided to cancel their rooms there & stay with Shirley in the condo down in Pigeon Forge which was about 15 minutes away on top of that they now were going to have to pay to park which is around $10 dollars a day..

Wrong Aunt Shirley & Aunt Judy both decided they would just bring everyone including the kids up to mine, mother, & Aunt Joyce place & park! See if they could get away with it which they did by the way how ironic..

On Saturday everyone wanted to go to Paula Deen Restaurant to eat. We decided on lunch which was $16.99 per person over the age of 10 & then $9.99 per person 5 to 10 years of age which did not include drinks might I add. Aunt Shirley whom seems to always wait until the last damn minute on every damn thing did the exact same thing in this case! 

Do you think we made it to lunch? Hell no! It was dinner time surprise surprise NOT... Dinner was $21.99 for adults & $10.99 for kids again which did not include drinks! Aunt Shirley decided she still wanted to eat there so Aunt Judy, cousin Lindsey, cousin Stephanie & all the kids stayed even though they agreed it was a bit to much to pay but yet again did not like telling Shirley NO.. Mother, Aunt Joyce & I told Shirley NO! That was insane to pay almost right at $26 dollars per person not including a tip & such.. On top of that you didn't even get to go boxes or anything else!

They sent a text after we left to go somewhere else saying text when done eating maybe we can all meet up to hang out! Well after we had finished eating I sent a text saying " hey we just finished up eating.. Are you all done too? " They sent back saying " yes we just finished too " I sent back " great we will walk over & meet up with you all so we can decide what we all wanna do " they said " that sounds great "

We got over there but nothing was decided! I asked 4 times & no one even answered me.. I got so pissed off that I looked at them all & said Im pissed off none of you & I do mean none of you can decide on anything & it took me asking 4 times & getting angry before you even noticed me it seems like. You all do whatever you want but I am done! I am going back to my car & getting in it & doing what I want. I then looked at my mother & Aunt Joyce & said if you are coming with me then you better come on because I am not waiting!

A few text was sent afterwards saying we didn't mean to make you feel that way blah blah blah & I sent back I do feel that way I am not changing my mind & I am not coming to see any of you! End of discussion...

Last day rolls around Aunt Shirley is no where to be seen which is fine by me! However, Steph sends a text saying hey lets meet up for lunch! I sent back sure that sounds great why not give it one more try... What a joke that was! They wanted to eat somewhere in the shopping center & the only place their was to eat at was the Chop House! I put our names down then they call & say nevermind we dont want to pay that much or wait that long we are going to go somewhere fast food! I just said ok whatever that is fine! 

I find it funny that they waited the night before to go to Paula Deen Restaurant plus payed way more there then were going to have to do at Chop House! They sure cant tell Shirley NO but the can tell mother, Aunt Joyce & me NO! So sweet of them right?

Next year I dont give a damn if I am even anywhere near them to be honest! Little long to see them!  I refuse to be so damn stressed out wanting to pull my hair out next year on people whom cant make up their damn minds or tell someone No... I want a stress free weekend next year! Not a hell of a one like this year...

Does anyone else have these kind of problems out of their family? Or is it just me sadly?

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