Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Little Of This & A Little Of That

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I made some yummy Watermelon Cupcakes one night & of course I took them too work so that I didn't have too eat them all however, I did manage to eat 3 before all was said & done! Shame on me.. They were so good & moist in my defense though! Ha...

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Here is you a pumpkin story! One of my ladies from work through some pumpkin seeds into her flower garden which is a rectangle size not even thinking anything of it well the following year rolls around & here comes pumpkins! So much for her flower garden.. I just love the little pumpkins that normally grow they are so dang cute & round pure perfection! I always tell her I want her little mini pumpkins but there is no way I could pull them off the vine & do anything with them because I would hate to see them die...

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Are these not the cutest Starlette you have ever seen? I love the rich color of them! They almost look fake because of how colorful they are...If I had a green thumb I would so plant some of these babies at my house!

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I love sunsets & on my way to the gym one night I had to snap this sweet photo! The colors in this sunset are beautiful.. I love it...

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I have finally started making my burlap wreath & I cannot wait to have it finished! I am in love with it so far & cannot wait to hang it up for Fall :)

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I love that for both this scarecrow & snowman you can use the same plywood for both just on opposite sides! Once things settle down hopefully by the end of this month I will be able to make it just in time for Fall :) Plus what is even better is that I can use it for Winter too hello bonus! Are they not adorable?

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Anyone whom knows me knows that I am without a doubt a Georgia Girl & of course of my favorite teams is Georgia Bulldogs! When I found out these shoes came out I decided I needed them.. Are they not just the cutest things ever? I love them! 

Now all I need is for them to make a pair for Florida Gators & I would be set with both pairs :) 

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Love my next gen nails! They always turn out so dang cute! 

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One day it was kinda chilly outside so I made a pot of potato soup! Its tasted so very yummy & what was even better was that hardly any was left over :)

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