Friday, August 14, 2015


There was one evening where I was going to go to the gym & I decided to actually wear make up well little did I know it was gonna poor the rain on my way to the gym so can you guess what I did..
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I took baby wipes in my car & got rid of the majority of my make up because I didn't feel like having coon eyes or runny lipstick! 
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Little miss decided she needed a whole bunch of tissues to blow her nose can you tell? She got busted needless to say.. I think someday this would make for a great senior year photo upon graduating!
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I am super duper picky when it comes to finding a bedroom set I love & I have needed one forever. Thankfully I finally found one I like as you see below.. Is it not cute? I am in love!
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I currently have my television in the bedroom on a hope chest however I want to have it moved to my walk in closet so I found this really cute entertainment center which will go great with my new bedroom! Do you like it? Do you think it will go good with my bedroom furniture? Opinions would be greatly appreciated :)
Better Homes and Gardens Crossmill Collection TV Stand for TVs up to 65"

I love my little monogrammed drink glass! I love how girlie the writing is which makes it even better...
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Sarah Alway said...

I can't see the photos but I still found the captions to be very entertaining! :-)