Sunday, July 19, 2015

Yesterday Spent With Sara & Ava

Yesterday I drove down to Knoxville to spend the day with Sara & Ava. We all three had so much fun together as always! We ended up going to A Nature Center which was so much fun!

 I loved the raw beauty of the place & all the Sunflowers that grew there! They were breathtaking to say the least... We did some photos which turned out amazing :)
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After we spend the day there it was time to head back to Sara's! We had to stop & get gas on the way back home so I occupied Ava while Sara got the car filled up here is what came of occupying Ava...
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I love her little spirit... Oh & in case you cant tell yes I absolutely done those same faces with her & she loved every minute of it just as much as I did :) I love this sweet niece of mine!

After we got back we managed to take a few more photos but little miss was a complete wiggle worm & giggle box so they are kinda a tad bit blurry oops!
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Afterwards I tried saying bye bye but Ava was having no part of it.. She always hates when I leave & it breaks my heart! I almost wonder if she knows deep down it will be another month before she sees her auntie Ashleigh again? She clings on to me so fiercely when its time for me to go & starts crying like crazy I can't stand it sadly! I think when its time to leave I get just as upset as she does I swear!

My time with Ava & Sara is always wonderful though so it makes it worth the sadness when I leave them both... thank goodness for skype, videos, & cell phones after though!

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