Thursday, February 12, 2015

Show Us Your Life... Singles Link Up!

My name is Amanda & I am doing this post for Ashleigh. I know she would never do it herself no matter how much she wants too. Before you ask no she does not know I am doing this but as soon as I post this I am going to let her know what I have done since I am sure their will be a few to reply I hope... I can only hope she embraces this & hopefully finds her prince charming along the way!

Single men, you are going to love her!

Ashleigh is 26 years old & lives in Cookeville Tennessee! It is actually close to Knoxville, Nashville, & Chattanooga all... She works night shift in ICU. When she is not at work you can find her taking photography photos, working out at the gym, hanging with friends, spending time in Georgia, at the movies, hiking, horseback riding, reading a good book on her nook, & spending tons of time with her family.

Someday when the time is right Ashleigh will make an amazing mother. She loves spending time with her friends babies & little ones as well as all of her cousins. Her kindness & compassion knows no bounds. Even though those little ones are not her's you could never tell otherwise because she is always spoiling them, loving them, playing with them & so much more! She loves them & they love her..

She is without a doubt a daddy's girl whom has grown up to be a sweet, loving, outgoing, sassy, girlie girl!

I have no clue whom GOD has planned for Ashleigh however, I do know that it will be the perfect man for her.  I know her heart is set on having someone whom is not only her significant other but her best friend too. 

Whom ever ends up with Ashleigh will be one lucky man & I am sure if I could see her right now she would say she would be the lucky one to have been allowed to find him!

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I know there is so much more I could truly tell you all however, I would like her to be able to tell you the rest on her own if you are interested so far.. After all Q & A is the best way for you two to get to know one another & even if  I could explain most things too you she would do it way better then I could for her!

If you want to know more about Ashleigh for yourself or someone you may know please leave her a comment, or email her at

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