Sunday, January 4, 2015

Baby Loving & Pamper Day

On the first Sunday of every month I always go & get a mani & pedi.. Its nice that now since I get nex gen I only have to go once a month to get them done! Wahoo..

Normally I can be there for quite some time so I always make an appointment ahead of time. Normally it helps but not on this day sadly! It was like 3 1/2 hrs later when I left the nail salon! 

At least they turned out cute! That counts for something right?

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While getting my nails done Aaron asked if I wanted to grab dinner & play catch up.. I agreed but we both still needed to go to the gym so after that we decided we would meet at Cosmos! During Cosmos he got a call from some mutual friends asking if they could come we said yes please that would be great.. So I also go to play catch up with Tess & Thomas! 

Once we had finished our meal Tess & Thomas asked if we wanted to come over & we decided sure why not.. A bonus to that was I got to hold the baby for several hours! Tess just had baby Titus only a few weeks ago so he without a doubt gave me baby fever...

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Is baby Titus not the sweetest?  He was too me :) He is still so little in all his preemie clothing!

All in all today was a good day..

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