Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekend Bliss

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My Weekend
On Friday I spent time cleaning & going to the gym. That was literally the only two things I did. I had to make sure the house was ready for Saturday when the family all came over for Christmas dinner & family time.

On Saturday I got up early & then the cooking started! By 3 in the evening family were starting to arrive here. It was nice to spend time with the family for several hours. Around 10 at night several started to leave & let me just be the first one to tell you how tired I was... As much as I love all my family it was nice to see them out the door! Is that bad?

Come Sunday Aunt Joyce still had some last minute Christmas shopping to do so I spend the day with her just enjoying some time together! Hello low key Sunday if you ask me...

I hope you ladies had a fun filled weekend! On a fun note I am ready for this week... Today Garry & I are going to hiking then he also has last minute Christmas shopping to do, Wednesday I will go to Aunt Joyce for Christmas Eve breakfast then later that night open presents, then I go back into work on Christmas Day night & wont be off again until New Years Eve...

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Allison @ Texas Mrs. said...

I feel like my whole life revolves around cleaning haha! I am with you!