Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 9 of October

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Today's Prompt Is: Best/Worst Halloween Memory

As much as I would like to say you could put this into the worst Halloween memory I just cannot because it truly was an amazing experience even if I did get scared like no other..

I think I will always & forever remember that one Halloween where I got the hell scared out of me, in the wood no less.

Amanda, Josh, Jess, Jeremy, Charles & I had decided to take a little drive out of town one Halloween. We wanted to go to this place in Alabama that had a haunted housed, woods, & cornfield all on the same property. The catch was that we signed a waiver allowing their people to touch us & chase us! We were allowed to stay as long as we wanted which I loved.. We were all so excited to say the least because we all loved Halloween.

Just for those whom do not know let me let you in on a little secret of mine I hate clowns with jagged teeth as well as people coming at me with chainsaws which you will find out in the coming sentences below! 

As we made it to Alabama we all stopped to grab a bite to eat knowing in just a few short hours we would need our energy since we knew what we had in store for us for the next few hours to come.

The late October wind was serene & tranquil as the bold orange sun faded into the Autumn evening sky. We were all so glad to see the sun setting which would allow us to begin our festivities of that night.

I still remember how dark it was once we arrived to our location. I remember grabbing Charles arm trying to calm myself down & thinking back now I am sure that Amanda & Jess was doing the exact same with Josh & Jeremy. 

Upon getting out of the vehicles we could all see skeletons hanging in the trees. Pumpkins were burning & grinning at us with eyes & a mouth made of fire. If those was not creepy enough to add fear to us the eerie music made it that much worse.. I knew I was shaking & so was Amanda & Jess. The boys of course tried to play it cool as if nothing scared them!

There is something creepy about the woods. Perhaps it's the deep shadows, the unseen critters lurking or the absence of lights! Oh who am I kidding it has to be all the above at the exact moment we was to enter I grabbed Amanda in one arm & Jess in the other. I decided right then & there the boys could fend for themselves! They didn't need us at all...

Upon entering I still can remember hearing the wind howl as it blew straight threw my bones! Crisp smell of leaves from colorful layers over the ground flowed threw the air. 

We all enjoyed it at first getting to kinda take our time & not being to scared however that changed rather quickly.. I could hear the chainsaw from a distance & I remember instantly being frozen while looking at the girls on each side of me while the boys was behind us! I still remember how little by little it kept getting closer & closer to us as we walked along the path in the corn field. 

The moment I saw mr chainsaw guy come at me I about died of heart attack! I was ready to run for my life...I did just that along with Amanda! Somewhere along the way I noticed it was just Amanda & I. I had no clue where Jess or the boys were but I don't think I cared because we was running for our lives!

Once Amanda & I found the haunted house we was all about it. Thankful that Mr chainsaw man didn't follow us in! Thankful for small blessings.. However inside this old creepy house was not any better! I just hoped there was a back way out because I didn't wanna see mr chainsaw man anytime soon! I was out of breath & so was Amanda.. 

After being inside for about 15 minutes we kinda liked it. Everyone was scaring us but it was nothing bad compared to mr chainsaw man.. We was ok with this so we kinda let our guard down a bit & that was when we was grabbed! We both screamed bloody murder until we realized that Josh & Charles was the 2 whom grabbed us! 

Little did I know they saved me from yet again another one of my nightmares which was a clown with jagged teeth. I just knew it wanted to eat me.. I about died after seeing that thing in the house. I looked at Charles & said babe I am ready to go to the woods now please it has to better then being in here with it! He just grinned! I think the best part that made the boys enjoy this was seeing us girls scared to death!

Once we made it too the woods we found Jess & Jeremy! Which was nice to have us all together until mr clown with jagged teeth showed up along with mr chainsaw guy! I let out a blood curdling scream & took off as they chased after me of course! 

Needless to say a few hours later, we were all tired, breathless, & in need of some sleep so we decided we had enjoyed quite a frightful fun filled night.. Even as much as I truly had been scared I loved every minute of it & so did everyone else..

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