Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Day 8 of October

The Daily Tay Blogtober14

Today's Prompt Is: A Letter To The Future Me In 10 Years!

Dear Future Me,

How is life for you now? Have you figured out what life is all about? More importantly, have you learned to be happy finally?

How is the love/family life? I truly hope that you found someone who understands you. Who you can travel through life with. Who knows yours hopes & dreams while sharing the with you. You better have little bitty ones running around a house filled with love. While sharing that house filled with love with your spouse & children make sure as husband & wife that you bring out the best in both of you. Oh & one more thing never go to bed mad that is important.

I know that these past 10 years have presented you with some trying situations, ones that I cannot comprehend, but know that you have a whole group of people in your life that love you no matter what. When you think you are alone, you're not. When you cannot stand, you can. When you're afraid of quitting, don't. Everything will turn out find I promise! If there is anything it's that somehow life always works itself out...

Did you live your life so that you have no regrets? Did you take advantage of each day you were given? As well as each opportunity you had? I hope that you have, since our days are limited on this earth.

Please keep me safe! I hope that you are still exercising & keeping us healthy. I want to live a good long life with my husband & children I hopefully have by now!

See you in 10 years future me!!!


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Emily Forest said...

I love how important family is to you! Family is very important for me too!