Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 3 of October

The Daily Tay

Day 3 of October

The prompt is: One thing I cannot live without

I truly believe that this alone is a loaded question! I could thing of several things I could not stand to live without.. I mean can you truly tell me ladies that one is enough for you to pick?

A few main ones that I truly do not want to live without are my daddy, a husband, & children! I could not imagine a life without those 3.. Sadly I wont get to keep all 3!

Someday when the time comes I will have to say goodbye to my daddy & I know without a shadow of doubt that it will truly be one of the hardest days of my life! I think the only thing that brings me peace over that is knowing that I will have one amazing angel looking out for me & my family!

I am beyond excited however that I can have the other two.. To have a husband whom loves me with every fiber of their being & being the father of our children that alone is an amazing thing that I cannot wait to have! I look forward to having that until I turn old & grey... 

I do not think I could imagine my life without those two! I feel like such a huge chunk of me would be missing otherwise & I do not want that huge chunk missing for the rest of my life... 

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