Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Letter To My First Love: Thank You For Everything

My Dear First Love,

     You were the first I ever loved, & it breaks my heart to say that you are not my last. This letter is for you, so that you know how much I cherished you & how important you were & are in my life.

     My first love, even though I do not see you & only merely know about your survival through facebook & instagram, I just like to occasionally check in to see that you are happy.

     Even though you may or may not read this, I have to admit that you were the first one to make me see life in different shapes & colors. You made life so full of excitement & passion that I felt exhausted but could not stop.

     I wanted all you could give me! You are the reason I do not want to settle because you raised the bar so high. I am not saying you are perfect; you are certainly flawed. We are all flawed, but you already knew that & learned how to understand me.

     We were committed to our relationship & our love was only for us to share. My freedom & dreams were never compromised because you always supported me & believed that I could do anything.

     This is why, my first love, it is so difficult not to glimpse back & open the vault of memories, to remember the butterflies in my stomach each time I saw you & feel a little out of breath after each magical kiss.

     Our whole relationship was magical, come to think of it; it was strong & powerful but, then it was gone.  I guess this is why you are my first love! The wound is still fresh, even after so many years & all I feel for you is love.

     Remember how I mentioned before that I just want you to be happy? It is true! It does kill me that we cannot be happy together & live our happily ever after.

     However, it fills me with happiness to know that you are happy & sharing your love & passion with some other girl who loves you too. 

     I want you to be happy. Even though all I have left from you is our memories, pictures, & high standards after almost 5 years together. I am grateful that I was able to have someone like you in my life, once upon a time.

     You left me the ability to love & to cherish, to never give up on something that matters, to never give up on love. I just wish you had not left me with a broken heart & many nights of crying myself to sleep.

     I have concluded that no matter how much you love someone, it is hard not to hurt him or her. It is a matter of hoping for forgiveness! You were my first, & it breaks my heart to know that you are not my last. I still want to thank you for being my first love, my first everything.

     Now it's time for me to find my last.

Sincerely, Your First Love

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~*Night Owl*~ said...

This was amazing chick.

Sarah Alway said...

Aw, beautiful! I still sometimes think about my first love, too. It's nice these days that we can FB and IG stalk them, just to confirm that they're still alive and happy. :-)