Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tram Stops & Railroad Ways At Dollywood

Have you ever been to Dollywood? Do you know how long the hike can be if you do not take the tram? Well let me let you in on a little secret it can be a pretty good ways! So the smart person would be all for a tram ride up while enjoying the view even if it is a parking lot! Less walking plus trust me you will want to save all your energy for the walk around the park alone! You will walk a ton throughout the day which means by the end of the night you are ready to once again board the tram ride to your stop!

I am sure some have said how can you remember your stop well this is how I remember our stop! I make names out of the letters.. For instace tram a is for apple butter, tram b is for blazing fury, tram c is for cotton candy, tram d/e is for daredevil falls & tram f for funnel cakes! Now can you switch it up? Yes you absolutely can! If you can think of a different name & remember it then that is the key to remember.. Hope this helps some of you!

All aboard Dollywood Express! It takes you around Dollywood itself.. Its a neat thing to ride if you have been having a crazy day filled with tons of fun & need a little rest for a few moments! Make sure you plan a time its going & remember to wear Sunglasses so you do not get coal into your eyes!

Oh something else they added this year was the Fire Chaser! Its a new roller coaster that is suppose to go backwards however we were disappointed to say the least sadly! It goes forward most of the ride with only a little zip of going backwards so upsetting! I think many of us were all hoping that it went backwards the whole time!

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