Sunday, April 20, 2014


I can still remember how magical Easter time was for me as a child. I loved being able to dip my eggs into individual cups to get all kinds of pretty colors! I somehow wished my eggs would never ruin but they did sadly after they were gobbled down after making deviled eggs out of them.

I can truly say I was not the hugest fan of the Easter bunny but I did however love my Easter baskets! I searched high & low for them on Easter.. Each year they were always somewhere different but you bet I tore into them! I loved all my little goodies..

One good thing that I loved about Easter was when I was able to spend time with all my mothers side of the family having a cookout as well as hunting Easter eggs! Over the years as I have grown I now love watching the little ones enjoy it as much as I once did! Too see those little smiling faces makes me look back on my years when I was younger :)

If I had kids currently these are the items I would store in their little baskets! Maybe this will give some ideas..

Coloring books
Books aka Peter Cottontail
Stuffed animal
Sippy cup

But please remember that this day is truly about rebirth, & continual life! Thank god for his sacrifice because without him none of us would be able to enjoy this day with our family & friends!

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