Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Things I'm Lovin

I am loving that yesterday Josh & I went to see Captain America! We both had been putting it off so we finally saw it! As you know Trish & I were suppose to see The Other Women yesterday but something came up on her end so we had to reschedule that one. It was stormy outside so since there was nothing else to do Josh & I still wanted to go :) Captain America 2 was better then the first one & we cannot wait to see 3!

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I am loving that one of my cousins & I are trying to plan a zoo trip to the Nashville zoo before I leave for Florida at the end of May! It will be me, her, & the 4 kids! Hello handful.. However I love that I have a huge family! Speaking of May, May begins this Thursday eep we are getting closer for our beach trip to begin!

I am getting excited that our beach trip keeps getting closer! I am so beyond ready to be in Florida for one whole week :) 

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