Monday, April 28, 2014

Recap Weekend

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1. Went to a wedding ( forgot my camera at home) I wanted to cry!
2 Afterwards several of us got in the pool hence the bathing suit on..
3.Went to meet parents for dinner later that night!
4. Met up with Priscilla to visit hobby lobby... She took the photos & never sent them too me! Reminds me to take them on my phone from now on..
5. After hobby lobby I stopped by station 1 to see Bo & Matt as well as a few others!
6. Dinner was good but afterwards I needed energy so I grabbed a drink!

1. Went to Zumba class
2. Lazy was the rest of my day minus when I went out for dinner

1. Drank some warm milk & honey to try & help me go back to sleep since my body decided that 2 something in the morning was a wake up call..
2. Meet a friend for lunch & we had yummy drinks
3. Went & see Captain America with Josh instead of The Other Women with Trish! Something came up with her so we rescheduled the latter one!
4. A few came over to the house so we could watch two of our shows & I tried my first ever  Raz ber rita! BTW I  fell in love with it :)

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