Friday, April 25, 2014

Sweet Letters

Luke Bryan I loved you before but after this little video above I fell in love with you even more then before! How could someone not love you more after this? 

Weather you ruined my fun today! B & I were suppose to go hiking but thanks to the down pour of rain that did not happen sadly... 

Destin Florida I am so ready to see you! I cannot wait to go snorkeling, parasailing, & so much more! End of May needs to hurry up.. 

Fancy I am going to come ride you at least once this week since I am off.. I know you will enjoying running wild & free in the field :) 

Trish I cannot wait until Monday when we do lunch & go see The Other Women at the movies! I know we will have tons of fun!

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Laura Darling said...

It rained here today too -what a bummer! I'm hoping the weekend is nice!