Saturday, April 26, 2014

Late Evening With My Father

It is no secret that I am daddy's girl.. I always have been & always will be! Growing up he always took me to school but not only that he always came & had lunch with me on Wednesdays! During Summer he made sure to find time to take me to the pool so that I could enjoy the water! I was always a water baby growing up & currently still am now that I am grown! 

He has always been the best daddy in the whole wide world! I truly cherish every single moment that I get to spend with him in my life. So its only natural that I always find time for us to be alone together whether its a date night, fishing time, or other fun things we can come up with.. These little moments with him are what I live for.. 

I hope that the man I marry is every bit as amazing as my father has been too me because I want him to be an amazing father to our children the same way my father has been amazing to me all these years!

Normally on my week off we try & plan at least something together. Yesterday we decided to have a late evening fishing trip down to the pond! It was tons of fun.. For a while now we always try to catch more then the other one does! Well for the last two trips I had him beat but yesterday he beat me by one..  So much for my winning streak :(

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Once it turned dark I called it quitting time! By then I was freezing! It still is chilly here of a night for now sadly...

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