Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

How much time do I spend on social media a day?
Way too much time.. I have access to it when ever I want if that even begins to tell you ladies anything.. 

How long was I reading blogs before I myself started blogging?
I read a friends blog for a few hours then decided I loved it & wanted to start one myself before that I did not even know blog world existed.. 

What is my favorite kind of cupcake?
Anything banana or apple/cinnamon spice

Do I eat fast food? If so what is my favorite?
I do yes! Who doesn't? Its fast & simple when in a hurry! I think my go to quick thing would be a cheeseburger..

What is the most random thing one could find in my purse?
Well there actually isn't anything weird in my purse to be honest the most random thing in my purse may be one of my phone chargers..

What is the weirdest TV show I watch?
I do not think any of my TV shows are weird! 

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Katie conkell said...

Isn't it funny how there are so many shows on now that almost nothing is considered "weird".

Have a great sunday!

Brianne said...

I always have a charger in my bag.

Lauren @ Another mom another blog. said...

Banana and apple spice cakes are sooo good. I just had a banana toffee cupcake from Gigi's Cupcakes the other day and it was amazing. One of the layers of my wedding cake was apple spice! I just love cake, haha!

Cheryl said...

From reading some of the Sunday Socials, it looks like we all are spending a lot of time on social media! haha..but I love it!