Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So What

So what that I am sad that I cannot see Pretty Little Liars until June 10th...

So what that I am sad that Teen Wolf had their season finale on Monday night.. Ugh new season needs to hurry up :)

So what that I miss Beauty & The Beast something awful.. The new season will be here before I know it or so I hope..

So what that I am happy that their will be no more teen mom 2 after this season! Jenelle & Leah will not be missed one little bit! However I will miss seeing Chelsea..

So what that I am sad too see the season finale of Walking Dead this coming Sunday! It seems like this season flew by.. Do you not agree? I am already looking forward to the new one!

So what that I cannot wait to see Divergent this weekend with my aunt but you wanna know something funny? I will not read the books because I know what happens in the last book & I was too pissed off to wanna read the books after finding out.. I will just be sticking to the movies this round & then crying after the last movie is released..

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