Friday, January 3, 2014

Sweet Letters

Joshua Whitley
I loved that I was able to spend new years eve as well as new years day with you in Knoxville. It was tons of fun & it was a good way to begin the new year! Thanks for being such a good sport mister :)

I cannot believe that you will be turning one this year.. It makes me sad! I think it is safe to say that you my sweet niece are growing up way to fast! You have just recently found your feet & you seem to wanna grab them all the time now!
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Plate Set
I love you! I love that I picked you out.. Thanks for being so available & having enough pieces so that I could buy you to place in my home! I promise I will use you plenty :)
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I love that I got to spend time with you the other day! Girls days are so much fun.. I loved bowling, our mini nap, loosing a credit card, & so much more & I am even more excited to spend time with you & Bethany on Sunday :)

I am so excited that you are coming down Sunday from Knoxville! Priscilla & I cannot wait to do lunch & spend some time with you.. I wish we all lived closer together to one another.. Hope you have a safe drive down..

Old Man Winter
How I hate you something awful! I am just not a girl that enjoys the cold one tiny bit :( I hate it more then I could ever express into words needless to say.. I wish you would bump your head & go back to sleep & not wake up until Summer time please & thanks so much.

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