Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bowling Adventure On New Years Day

Where to begin with our bowling adventure? Well you see Priscilla originally wanted to see Christmas Madea however I had done seen it the Sunday before! As you all know I am a movie go to lady all too much..

After the movie was no longer an option I mentioned bowling! Why not its always fun to granny bowl after all..Yes you heard right I do seem to granny bowl I am awful at the other way oops.

Tammy, Priscilla, & I met at the bowling alley then headed in together to grab our ugly clown shoes as well as find our pretty pink light balls! Let the fun begin..

Our fun began alright if you count all 3 of breaking one nail a piece.. Talk about hurting our one nail a piece sure did! I do not think we can ever leave that place without breaking a nail sadly oops..

After bowling 3 games & being not so great bowlers but fun sports about it all we decided to head to the house & take a nap! Us girls was exhausted to say the least. Who knew that bowling could wear lady's out? After our nap we was originally going to get our nails done but the nail salon was closed early due to it being New Years Day.

Since nails was not an option we decided to go grab a bite to eat instead! Hello Cracker Barrel. Our food was delicious & afterwards we called it a night.. Overall we had a fun day/night!

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