Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

How old was I when I started wearing make up?
Ha well if you count my first encounter ever then it would be when I was 2 years old & able to walk.. Granny Dimple left her make up out always & I was a curious 2 year old I guess you could say! I came out with red lipstick & lots of blush applied & I must admit It was not to pretty if I am being completely honest! 

After that little ordeal she finally started hiding it but it became a game too me so I always would find it & as soon as  I did she would herself apply make up to my face! So I have worn make pretty much my whole life except my first year of life..

What is my top 3 favorite beauty products?
Oh this is an easy one for me to answer. My 3 are mascara, eye shadow, & foundation!

What is 1 make up product that I do not leave home without?
I do not normally leave home without my make up & by make up I mean all of it! It stays in my purse :)

What is my daily beauty routine?
After I shower I apply:
lotion to my face
apply foundation
apply powder if needed
apply eye shadow
apply eyeliner to top & lower eye
apply mascara
apply blush
apply lip gloss
then I am all but done :)

What is my favorite hair or beauty product that I have discovered within the past year?
Oh this is an easy one! My new favorite hair spray has became So Gorgeous! When I want my hair wavy I always apply hair spray in it & this hair make it still feel so natural yet it does it job the way it should :) Hello little slice of heaven!

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