Friday, December 20, 2013

Sweet Letters

Dear Ava
You may not be truly mine but you are mine none the less! You are one of my friends daughter & I am so blessed that she allows me to be an auntie to you.. You truly warm my heart! I love seeing you, holding you, spending time with you & most of all watching you grow... Here lately you have seemed to grow so much & its so very bittersweet! As much as I love all your new little faces you have made, your little personality or rather should I say your big personality & so much more I still do not like the fact that you seem to be growing up all too fast! Please slow down just a tad little bit please.. Here is a few photos of you from the past few days including a little funny face you made which happens to be new :)
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Dear Family
I will be seeing you all tomorrow for Christmas dinner here at my house! I for one cannot wait to see you all.. I am sure it will be fun just as it is every year we spend together! I of course like always will have more to do with the kids compared to others which is fine by me.. I hope you all enjoy our time together as much as I do & I hope you do not eat too much however we all know how that works now don't we?

Christmas Food
Please do not fill me too full.. I know you will oh so very yummy! & all too many of us will enjoy you a little too much..

Dear Christmas Photo Cards
No offense but I am more then trilled to no longer having to stick my tongue to you all.. Goodness the taste of you is awful & I for one am thankful that I no longer have to do it again at least until next Christmas!  
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Jenn said...

What a sweet letter to Ava! I'm "auntie" to my bff's adorable little girl as well and I wish they lived close enough for me to see her/spoil her more often! :-)