Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thoughts For Tomorrow

Jesse I do not even know where to begin at to be very honest.. Tomorrow is your visitation & I am very nervous about seeing you! To see you now is just not the same as to see you alive & well.. I hope they did your make up good & that you do not look like a pale ghost! I wish I could receive my huge bear hugs from you, my sweet text messages, or my lovely shoulder that has always & forever been there for me! This whole entire weekend has just been hard! I miss you to be honest.. You are only 24 & it does not seem fair that your life was cut so short! I have always loved that we shared the same day for our birthday! Mine has always been September 10th while yours has been November 10th but none the less we always shared it together because we had twice the fun in those two months..  I have been at the lake all weekend & it was a good reminder of you! You have always been a lake baby just like me! I know that I will always have reminders of you but its still not going to be the same! I love you Jesse Reeves & I will forever & always miss you...

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