Friday, September 13, 2013

Sweet Letters

Dear Friday 13th:
I do not know how I feel about you! I think I have mixed feelings to be honest.. A part of me loves you because you kinda remind me of my favorite season which is Halloween so I know that means its getting closer however bad things seem to happen on this day always & that part never fails.. Hmm I wonder why this is?

Dear Work:
Today is my Friday & I do not have to see you again until next Thursday! However let's hope things are not crazy tonight given the fact that it is Friday the 13th.. Fingers are crossed that things do not go wrong or that things do not get out of hand! 

Dear Lake:
I get to see you tomorrow & I could not be more excited! I was going to go to Nashville but we decided to postpone that until Sunday! I am excited to have one of the last barbecues of the summer because I can already feel Fall outside which means it is just around the corner! 

Dear Fall:
I love you like crazy! It truly is one my favorite times of year for several important reasons! I love the Fall weather, turning of the leaves, nutmeg, cinnamon, picking pumpkins only to carve them into spooky designs, & best of all it holds in October my favorite holiday which is Halloween! I live for haunted hayrides, woods, & houses.. Those are the best ever & I always say he scarier the better.. 

Dear Leia:
I am so ready to see you tomorrow! It cannot get here soon enough.. I know we will have so much fun like always! Plus we get to do slumber party tomorrow night.. Girls nights are always fun! However we cannot stay up super late or neither of us will be waking up to go out to Nashville Sunday.. We are two girlie girls that love our sleep!

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Anonymous said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I decorate the house for autumn on the official first day and then add Halloween decorations on October 1st.