Tuesday, August 20, 2013

5 Things & A Baseball Game

So Yesterday Kristen did 5 things on her blog & I told her that today I would participate so here goes nothing ladies enjoy!

5 Blog Crushes:
Joanna @ Running On Sunshine
Cherish @ Southern Soulmates
Jessica @ Newly 
Megan @ Mackey Madness
Stephanie @ Beautiful Mess

5 Things I Have A Passion For:

5 Things To Do Before I Die:
Sky Dive
Get Married
Have Kids 
Go To Australia
Move back to Savannah Georgia with my hubby to raise our babies

5 Reads I Love:
Anything Nicholas Sparks
50 Shades Trilogy
Crossfire Series
Twilight Series
Harry Potter Series

5 Favorite Movies:
Harry Potter Series
Twilight Series
Nicholas Sparks Series
Hocus Pocus
Hunger Game Series

5 Places I Want To Travel:

Yesterday evening I attended my first baseball game in years! I use to go all the time to watch Andrew play.. It was something I always loved besides football! Those two alone was the only sports I watched & knew things about each...As much as I enjoyed watching it yesterday I must admit that some part of watching it was bittersweet too me! It brought back many memories of Andrew & I that had stayed buried deep down for many years! Even if the deep down memories was happy ones it was still a bit hard to endure I must admit.. I think for me sadly anything pertaining to Andrew will always be something that will be hard & bittersweet! 

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