Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Band Perry & Fireworks In Downtown Nashville

Can you say red white & blue :)

My patriotic manicure & pedicure

4TH of July for us was celebrated in downtown Nashville.. Home of country music & who better to help celebrate it then one of my favorite bands (The Band Perry)..

Kimberly, Neil, & Reid did an amazing job as always performing! They all 3 brought such amazing energy to the stage which allowed us all to focus in & enjoy our time with them! 

Now I will just be honest by the end of the night we was more then happy to be heading home for several different reasons.. we was tired of the rain, we was all muddy from our head to our toes, & I promise you I could name a whole lot more reasons..

Overall downtown Nashville was fun with lots of laughs, smiles, & grins even with our bad moments intact.. I loved being able to see one of my favorite bands play & best part was the fact that we all was 2ND row :) You cannot beat that.. & of course by the end of it all we was able to enjoy some pretty colorful fireworks to end the night with a big bang..

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