Monday, July 8, 2013

Date Night With My Other Half

Date night with my other half normally turns out to be pretty fun if I do say so myself.. Our date nights here lately have been to the movies & that is more then ok by me!

A few of our movies have consisted of Fast & Furious 6, Now You See Me, The Heat, & White House Down! Now if you think that is all no way.. We still have a few more we wanna see in theaters which include: Grown Ups 2, Lone Ranger, Man Of Steel, & Pacific Rim! 

Sunday we went to see White House Down! In case you did not know it is very similar to Olympus Has Fallen.. & I will not lie loved them both & cannot wait to own them both on DVD :) We have way to many disc @ the house of movies but we both love them what can we say..

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