Monday, July 1, 2013

Heavy Heart

June 29, 2013 will forever be a day burned into my memory. It was the day I found out that I no longer was going to be an auntie. My baby brother & his girlfriend lost their baby, she had a miscarriage. I did not know that as I awoken that morning that I would soon receive a phone call & having to say goodbye to a precious little baby that I did not yet even know the gender too.. But none the less it still hurt. The pain was very much still there!

Even though I was never able to hold my niece or nephew my heart still aches for the loss. The loss of what might have been! I won't get to know what it would have been, hold him or her, or tell him or her that I love it like an auntie should be able to do! 

I know that there is still life. But I will forever & always have a special place in my heart for the niece of nephew that I could have had! Does the pain leave? No! The only thing time does is let you learn how to grieve easier. How to handle the sadness in a different way! 

Sweet sweet baby, please know that I will forever & always love you! & when you someday have siblings I will tell them how precious you was too me! You are now in GODS hands & I know he will love you & take care of you until one day we meet again! Until then I have a pretty sweet little angel :) I love you sweet one..

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