Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Social

How did I come up with my blog name? That is a very easy simple answer broken down into 2 parts. Savannah Georgia is home to me & my friends there always said I was as sweet as a Georgia Peach thus leading to them nicknaming me Georgia Peach :) See I told you it was a simple answer one that I love to no end...

What is my favorite thing about blogging? Oh this one is easy! I would say meeting the people In whom I do! I have developed such strong bonds & friendships with so many of my sweet blog girls! They are family too me..I enjoy hearing about their lives on blogs as much as I do when we are texting each other throughout the day :)

What is one thing I have discovered through blogging that I now cannot live without? I would say Instagram.... I am beyond addicted to say the least!

Facebook or twitter & why? Facebook by far! I hate twitter & I do not have one & truthfully I never want one..

If one celeb could read my blog whom would I want it too be? Hmm Channing Tatem would be nice! I am sure I could have conversations with him all day every day... Couldn't you?

What is something that I want people to know about my blog? I want them to know that my blog is a lifestyle blog about my life.. The good & bad along with everything else! Some days are great & some days are not! But its my life & I love it none the less.. If you want to know about my life in all aspects of it then come follow me I would love it & if not that is ok too! I would never want or make someone do anything they did not want to do! 

Sunday Social

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Erica G. said...

The name of your blog is so cute, and Channing Tatum is a very nice choice! I wouldn't mind if he stopped by either.