Friday, June 7, 2013

Sweet Letters

Dear Ciara:
I am so excited that come tomorrow we will be in Georgia running for Color The Curve! I am glad that we get to have some girl time & that we get to have some fun as well! Bring on the colors...

Dear Color The Curve:
Please be nice to Ciara & I. I have not ran all month so I know this will be a bit hard for me but with fingers crossed I am hoping my body understands that I have done races before & it is sweet to me.. I am glad to know that I running for a good cause & I know that alone will push me too do great.. 

Dear Friday:
Thank you for finally getting here! It has been a very long eventful week.. For the most part it has been great but I am just going to be honest & say I am way ready for the weekend!

Dear Mr:
I am so beyond blessed & lucky to have a guy like you in my life! I cherish you more then you know.. I loved that  I was able to spend the whole entire day with you Tuesday verses just our half days after we are off from work.. It was a fun day overall :) 

Dear Races Saturday Night:
Please be good to the Mr, I know he would appreciate it very much! I hope you allow him to stay safe & come out with a win! I know wins always make him happy seeing that he is Mr competitive & all...

Dear Blog Ladies:
I have missed reading your post to say the least! I need to catch up on them! Finding the time though is the hard part! We need more hours in a day I swear.. However I did catch up on my blog itself except for my parents surprise party but that is all that is left so I should be able to find a little time to read & play catch up with you all... I am excited to see what has happened this past week :)

Dear Blog:
I love how you just keep growing :) It truly is a blessing for me, one in which I enjoy.. I now have 131 followers after 3 years.. I know to some they would say that is not many but too me that is 131 more then I had to begin with so too me that is good... 


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Ciara said...

Yay! I am so excited about the run! Ricky is jealous. Poor guy. But we have to listen to "Eye of the Tiger" before the run in his honor. ;)