Monday, June 10, 2013

Color The Curve Run

On Saturday Ciara & I went to Hixon to run in Color The Curve. It's a 5k where participants are covered head to toe in colored powders which took Place @ Greenway Farms! 

One reason for me to want to do this run was for two of my friends whom have Scoliosis & all the money from the race went to help those whom had this... Its nice to know that the money went to a good cause! I loved being able to do this for them to show them that I love them & that I support them through good & bad both..

Ciara & I both had late nights Friday which went over into Saturday morning before we went to bed which meant neither of us got very much sleep! At the very most we may have had like 4 hours if that.. 

We arrived at 8 in the morning to pick up our packets, which included a shirt, color packet, bib, tattoo, & our rainbow tutu. After picking up our packets we went to the car to place our bibs on, put our colorful tutus on, & place our I pod touches to us so we had music for the run which started at 9:15...

I knew that I would have trouble with this run & that it would not be as good as normal since I had not ran all month! I did not know how Ciara would do but she did great! 

I was not the smartest girl when it came to shoes! I did not wanna wear my cute running shoes so I wore different ones which then lead to lots of blisters that hurt something awful & Ciara too had blisters.. 

I finished the run in an hour while Ciara had a little better time then I did she completed it in 55 minutes! All in all I was proud of us two ladies...We did good & we didn't finish last so in my book we rocked it :)

I would have loved to spent the day in Georgia but Ciara & I both had to get back! She had to go to work & I wanted to go watch my man race!

Thank you so much for going with me! I loved getting to spend time with you.. Its nice getting to know you better & I hope we can do things more often that would be nice!  I love that Ricky introduced us to each other a few months back.. I am so ready for us all to do the color run together in October so yes please let's do a team :) Love you pretty girl..

Here are some photos from our day that we took! I will load more later on in a different post after everyone post pictures!

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