Monday, April 22, 2013

Wartburg Speedway

Saturday after us girls/guys ran in Hero Rush I was back in the car to head home to meet Jer & the boys! We was going to Wartburg Speedway. This would be my first time there! Jer races those cars so I knew it would be semi neat to watch! 

Once I arrived @ Michael & Luna's house! I switched vehicles & got in the truck.. We was all Wartburg bound! I must admit after my 3 hour drive back after running the race I was super exhausted! I ended up sleeping the whole way up to Wartburg...

Once we arrived I instantly knew I was gonna be deaf for a few hours... It was so loud it reminds me of when I was in Daytona for Nascar races the year Dale Earnhart passed away. All in all for my first time I enjoyed it even if Jer did give me a scare...Michael gave me a good laugh when he did this sort of stop drop & roll ordeal! I wish I could video taped it truly..

Here are some photos :)

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KrissyGirl said...

Thats pretty cool!!! Sounds like a perfect Saturday! I've only been to a race once when my faced raced at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. It was very cool but I agree LOUD.