Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fishing With Daddy

Daddy & I went to have lunch together @ Cheddar's on Sunday! We decided we needed to catch up & he wanted to know how my race went Saturday down in Springfield at Honey Suckle Farm. 

During lunch I knew I needed a photo of my food just because I could take one :) Daddy says I am too camera happy but I personally think I can never in my life have to many memories! Here is what I had! Ribs, Baked Potato, & Frenchie Fries!
Yes it may look good but do not let it fool you! The only thing I truly loved on that plate was the ribs... The frenchie fries seemed to have been twice baked & not so yummy & my poor little bake potato well it was not even semi close to being done enough sadly :( I was one unhappy lady...

Daddy had asked if I had plans for the rest of the day! I let him know that I didn't all that I needed to do was clean house, unpack, & such but that it could wait if he wanted to go do something. He said well let's go fishing, it has been awhile since we have been together. I said that was fine with me. So daddy & I spend about 2 hours fishing together. 
*My fishing attire!
*My 3 favorite colors :) & yes I have a black & pink fishing pole don't hate..
*While daddy uses fake fish things I will always use the real deal... Hello night crawlers!
*Daddy getting his little fake fish things out...
*I had just finished baiting my hook :)
*First fish of my evening... It was a Bluegill

*My 2nd fish of the day hello Large Mouth :)

For the first time ever I beat my sweet daddy! It felt good to beat him too needless to say.. Daddy taught his daughter well I bet he regrets it now hehe...

Ashleigh 15 fishie later along with 2 boo boos
Daddy 3 fishie later along with 0 boo boos
Daughter beats daddy
Daddy said he taught me too well

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