Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Voice: Season 4: Blind Auditions 2

Season 4 of voice started out great with the Blind Auditions 1. They had some pretty good ones that took spots! During Blind Auditions 2 was when I heard the girl I loved overall compared to any of the others so far! 

Blind Auditions 2:
* Josiah Hawley had a great voice. He sang "Sunday Morning" by Adam! He is not perfect but with some help he could do pretty good... He had a good strong confident personality! He picks Usher as his coach..
* Cathia even though she sang Spanish & I have no clue what she sang she had a great voice. I think Shakira should be the one to help her! she does get Shakira as her coach for the season. Adam replies I didn't turn my chair around because I'm an idiot Blake then says here here! Good laughs between those two...
* Sarah Simmons whom is 22 won me over. Thus far she has been my favorite girl singer! I love how she put her feelings into the voice she has. She put so much power & personality into it. She is strong willed to say the least! She started off slow & low then just kept building & blows her voice out of the water! She sang "One Of Us" by Joe Osborn. Adam becomes her coach... She will go far this season she may even win season 4 :)

 Do you hear voice? Damn I love it.... So far I am loving this new season of the Voice

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