Sunday, March 31, 2013


I love Easter for several different reasons but my main reason of why I love Easter is because today is the day that Jesus gave his life for you & I.. Without god I would not be who I am today nore would I enjoy the life I get to enjoy each & every day! 

I also love Easter because with Easter comes Spring! Spring in the south is so pretty! You have blooming trees & flowers...All of which are beautiful to see! Its life that God gave us to enjoy...

Easter Sunday means a new dress! I love the thought of new dresses kinda like new life! It just reminds me that I get to have a new year because god gave all & gave his life for us! 

I guess you could say the new Easter color for my family this year was Peach :) These are a few of my baby cousins! I wish we could have more family pictures together compared to just once a year but there is just way too many of us sadly!The only time you might see us all together in a photo is at Christmas time!  From Left to Right: Josie Girl, Tay Tay, Landon, Hay Hay & Mads! I nicknamed all the girls since birth & all nicknames have stuck! They go by them more then they do their names! With all of us together it would be over 40 of us...

my hair looked so pretty this morning but as soon as the rain hit it I would say it was then ruined sadly :( Boo to rain! 

Here was a few of my Easter goodies! Mr bunny was very good to me this year :) I don't know that he beat Santa but he came pretty darn close! 

After Easter Church, Aunt Joyce & I went to eat at Logan's Roadhouse! She got Potato Skins & I got a Sweet Potato along with Mac & cheese with a side of A1 Sauce! It was all so very yummy...We enjoyed it immensely! 

After Aunt Joyce & I finished our meal we headed to the theater to see Temptation. The movie was great! We loved it very much... I think overall we both wish the ending had of been different or at least showed us more! It felt like they left too much out of it but for the most part it was good! I would say we both gave it a 3.5 out 5! Most Sunday's seem to be movie theater days for us two... We love going to the movies (: 

I hope you sweet ones all had a great Easter! I cannot wait to read the blogs to see how all your Easter's went...

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