Friday, March 1, 2013

Sweet Letters

I am linking up with Ash!

Dear Winter, you are suppose to be gone by now so why is is that yesterday there was snow on my car & on the ground? Go away you are not welcome! 

Dear Ground Hog, I thought you did not see your shadow? If that is the case get with it & give us our 6 weeks of early spring! Thanks...

Dear Cold, I hate you when I am running I swear only polar bears should have to deal with you!

Dear Body, I know you are sleep deprived but I promise come tomorrow I will catch up on you! I know you will love me for it afterwards. 

Dear Week, you have been very long & exhausting! I am glad you are finally here weekend however I only get tomorrow off after working all week plus this Sunday.

Dear Shows, I have way too many of you that I watch yikes! Its hard to keep up with you all... I wish you all was spaced out better!

Dear Midnight, please hurry up & arrive. I am ready to have Breaking Dawn Pt 2 in my hands so I can watch it thousands of times :)

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Jen said...

visiting from friday's letters! I hope to catch up on some sleep this weekend too!!