Thursday, March 14, 2013

Baby Cuddles

It had been a few weeks since I had seen my sweet niece Allie Bree so I thought it was due time to spend some quality time with her! She has been growing way too fast! I wish she would slow down just a bit. I mean even just a little slowing down I would be thankful for! 

Updates on sweet girl:
1. Holds her head up
2. Grins
3. Loves being held 
4. Drinks her milk every 4 hours
5. She is a night owl
6. Loves wearing little shoes

I loved being able to spend a few hours with her & I made sure to take a few photos of course! I needed some since she has grown quiet a bit.. 
I know she is not my real niece but her mamma is one of my friends & she always says here is auntie & for me this may be as close of a niece I get considering I do not know whether my brother will ever have kids! He does not even like being in a relationship he just likes to have fun & that is it sadly :( I know that I could have them someday once married & the Mr has brother/s & or sister/s!

Sorry ladies for the following:
1. That I have no make up on EEK
2. That you see bra in the photos but little miss for some odd reason her sleeping when it comes to me she wants to plow her face deep in between my boobs & stay there! Alone with plowing her face in between the boobs she also has to scrunch her legs up under her & put her booty in the air! Its funny that she only does it with me & no one else though!

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Natalie and Lee said...

haha... Love the disclaimers at the bottom. We all understand!

My sister is keeping Gage today... I think she loves him more than I do ;)

Nothing like 'em!!