Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII & Lessons I Learned

Super bowl XLVII is now one for the record books. The game is over, & will largely be forgotten once the hangovers & food comas have cleared. But the commercials that aired tonight? Well, some will live on forever! Or at least for awhile. At least they have a lot more replay value than that half hour blackout of New Orleans Super Dome, at least! Oh & did I mention that the one who caused the blackout to occur most likely is looking for a new job as we speak?

Several of my friends & I of course had to bring in the super bowl by having a party! I was the only one whom wanted pictures taken sadly & the only one whom dressed up in colors! I was supporting 49ers as you can see below!

We had so much food & liquor that it was not even funny! I am so thankful I took the above photo before I decided to add all that food to my tummy! I swear I think I gained at least 10 pounds if not more! Hello gym I will be seeing you very soon...Please make me sweat some pounds off :)

Hello Chicken Enchiladas! You was great by the way! 

Tony came up with the best idea ever as you can see in the above photo! Hello football field  party arena... He did an amazing job! I loved this little set up it by far was my favorite & just made my night :) also as you can see Tony's little man had to be apart of the event even if it was only to pop a seat in the middle of the unmade football field. 

Let's move on too commercials shall we? I know they had some great ones but they also had some awful nasty ones! & that is putting it nicely....

This by far was my favorite commercial until I seen the following commercial.....

Then that is how this became my favorite one by far! I did not find not one that topped this one! I needed a box of tissues when watching this! It was such a little tearjerker...

It starts off with a man tending to the little foal that is so damn cute which grows up over the years with him then sadly one day the Budweiser truck comes to take the grown foal whom now was a horse away. He says his goodbyes then 3 years later he sees in the paper that they are coming to town so he goes & he is reunited with his horse such a touching heartfelt reunion between the two! I still cry every time I see that commercial & yes I am that cray cray girl that has been playing it a lot since Sunday night!

I also just want to point out that their is no way I could just give/sell my sweet horses to strangers! I love my babies...& yes they truly are my babies my first babies I ever had then I added a dog to the equation & so on & so on :) 

This by far was the most nasty gross non watchable commercial yet! I cannot even begin to understand how they thought viewers would enjoy this damn thing... I about threw up everywhere & I was not alone needless to say. Thank god we could skip the rest of this awful thing on our television. We could not have loved our fast forwarding button any better then at that very moment! 

I was never so excited to see these two little beauties preview during commercial time. I am beyond excited to see Fast & Furious 6 as well as the Wizard Of Oz :) So amazing...

Miss Keys, thank you for adding your own lyrics to the end of the National Anthem! We always thought that Francis Scott had left something out at the end of the song! It was just what we wanted to hear... NOT! Next time if you cant do it the true way it was originally done then do not bother at all please & thanks ;)

Beyonce rocked the house for super bowl 47! I loved the performance... The set list for the show was Love On Top, Crazy In Love, End Of Time & Baby Boy. She was joined by her former band mates from Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams who just happened to make a grand entrance if I do say so myself! I think they pulled it off amazingly well... I loved it so very much :) The 3 ladies sang Bootylicious, Independent Women, & a special version of Single Ladies. After those performances Beyonce ended the halftime performance with Halo! 

The results was in & the match was set. Super bowl 47 was set to make the grand debut on February 3, 2013.  It was to take place between San Francisco  49ers, who topped the Atlanta Falcons 28-24, & the Baltimore Ravens, who shut down the New England Patriots in the second half winning 28-13. 

For anyone who has payed any attention at all this year to NFL, you should already know this, the head coaches of the two teams this year is Jim Harbaugh & John Harbaugh. Them sharing a name is no coincidence those two men are brothers. For the first time ever super bowl will be a contest between these two teams led by the guys whom once fought over toys as kids.

Ultimate victory of the night was won by the Ravens whom beat 49ers in a very close call game toward the end 34-31... Both teams did a great job & kept many of us on our tippy toes toward the end of the night! All in all this was a pretty great super bowl if you ask me :)

Lessons I Learned Tonight:
1. I want to add to my horses! I want the one from the Budweiser commercial.
2. I do not want a goat eating my doritos! Thanks but no thanks.
3. I need to become Beyonce somehow! Any ideas?
4. I should have dressed for the winning team verses the loosing team oops!
5. When ever from now on I see a hot ass chick & a nerd side by side I just need to go ahead & close my eyes! I never again want to see anything like that AWFUL commercial EVER again! 

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