Friday, January 18, 2013

Sweet Letters

I am linking up with sweet Ash! I know that she calls these Friday Letters but I wanted something that was also a touch of me since it was my blog & I love that I call them Sweet Letters! That way its a little of me & a little of her too :)

Dear weather: You have been raining for way too many straight days! Are you not tired yet? I know I am tired of you to some extent! 

Dear Sun: You are missed greatly. I am tired of gloomy grey clouds some rays of you would be nice! So please come soon...

Dear 4 AM: I am so glad that you are finally over! You ended Wednesday thankfully. I love being a nurse but I am not that early of a morning person! Not even one little bit.

Dear 22 Hour Shift: I go in & start you tonight at 10 PM & I do not finish you until tomorrow night at 8 PM. I think its safe to say that by the time you are over I will have several amounts of hair pulled out & be more then ready for some rest & relaxation. Oh & sleep too of course! 

Dear Aunt Joyce: I am ready to spend some quality time with you for a bit on Sunday when we go watch Mama! I love scary movies & I am glad you do as well. I love you always. 

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Silver {A Silver Snapshot} said...

Yikes, I'm a nursing student, so so far I haven't had to do any crazy shifts such as 22 hours. Hope you survive! Happy Friday!

Silver @ A Silver Snapshot