Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shop Until You Drop

Many seem to set their alarm clocks for the wee hours of morning in order to get a head start in the Malls during Christmas time. However Alicia & I was not those ladies this past Friday. Instead we woke up when our bodies said it was time to awaken, took a good 1 to 1 1/2 hours of getting dolled up then & only then was we ready to shop until we dropped or rather should I say shop until our feet hurt bad enough for us to say we was done. I think that last part would fit us both better! We wore cute instead of comfy to shop in... I am just glad that while most ladies was awoken by alarm clocks to climb out of their nice warm cozy beds Alicia & I was still all cozy & warm in ours!

We shopped at least 10 different places but who is keeping count... & of course we had to fit some lunch into our busy adventure too! We ended up eating at Rib City &  I assure you it was very yummy! I am without a doubt 100 percent positive that Alicia would agree with me on that one... We both enjoyed our food very much! If I had to rate it from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best I would say overall it was a 4. We had a great waitress whom was very attentive, food did not take long at all too come out & when it did it was very hot! Not many can get much better then that :) We did manage to take a few photos throughout the day so I hope you ladies enjoy those...

This was the outcome of getting ready... Not too shabby huh?

This was my yummy food. I loved my BBQ Chicken! Alicia got Buffalo Wings! Yucky...

Alicia decided to take a photo of me with my food can't you tell?

This was the outcome of hers! She flipped me off... She was not in the mood for pictures but I am sure you can see that by now hehe!

We had a huge shopping cart full at Wallie! After Wallie we headed home!

Boxer decided I should be humped. He actually was humping his baby toy but sadly my leg was underneath! He loves his stuffed babies! He is getting his man hood I do believe!

Patches & I cuddled up watching a Hallmark movie & Alicia was on the opposite couch with Boxer & Tinkerbell cuddled up :) 

While cuddled up with the puppies watching a Hallmark movie & resting our feet we got to enjoy the night by the lit up tree :) Love Christmas time... 

All in all we had a great day/night! 

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