Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Little Catching Up

Sunday: I had dinner with Matt which was fun. I loved our time spend together. Afterwards was just a lazy night. He told me I better not post this on FB but he never said nothing about blog or Instagram... Sneaky me :)

Monday: I enjoyed time at the Christmas parade with a few friends. A few of us was dared to take a photo with Frosty so we did :) We aced that challenge!

Tuesday: Alicia & I stayed up until 3 something in the morning wrapping presents, looking at boo boo's, chatting & other fun stuff...

She decided to call me her little elf because of the whole being good at wrapping presents! She even took a photo of her little elf hehe..

The babies passed out on us can you tell?

Tink Tink was sitting pretty for us! Is this not precious?

Wednesday: Alicia & I went & had her Christmas cards done & printed. They turned out so good! I loved it :) Afterwards when Chris got off work the 3 of us went riding around to see Christmas lights. This is how that little adventure went. Can you say midnight munchies?
we had the following:
2 apple pies
1 dipped ice cream cone
1 double cheeseburger
1 mcflurry
2 chocolate chip cookies

We also had several other fun things during this time but I can't share all the fun secrets hehe! So now you ladies are caught up :) & tomorrow we will be going shopping! Cannot wait to share the fun :) 

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