Monday, December 24, 2012

Life This Past Week..

Life this past week has been a wee bit busy! I wish I could say calm but I doubt calm is the word used.. I know I have been MIA & I am so sorry ladies! but between work & things going on this month I just have not had time to blog or look at blogs :( I miss each & everyone of you believe me & I promise as soon as things slow down its back full speed ahead into the blogging world once again :) so let's get to to my life this past week!

Monday my night was spent with the Mr just relaxing & watching a movie :) Tons of snuggle time which I love! I know boring right but wrong I think these are the best!

Tuesday Alicia & I went to get Boxer, Tinkerbell & Patches hair cut! Those 3 pups was a bit shaggy but not any longer. They now are all trimmed & pretty!

Wednesday the mr & I went & did shopping in town which was pretty fun! Minus that it was a tad bit wet outside thanks to some rain... Afterwards we had to watch Chicago Fire that was a must for me :) I am so sad that I now have to wait 2 weeks to see how everything goes down because they left in the middle of a good part... I am very impatient to say the least :(

Thursday was the last Jersey Shore ever :( Sad to some degree but to another I guess all shows eventually must come to an end sadly.

Friday night the Mr & I went to Target & Ross then went out & ate. While eating a group of boys decided to sing as loud as they could to  some song! It was amusing.

Saturday was my family get together so all together that day was just a busy busy day then afterwards a few of my friends came into town so we all went out afterwards & did not get in until 5 am. I was so very tired!

Sunday (yesterday) The Mr, his family & I all went to Nashville to go to Opryland Hotel. It was so much fun for us all & I loved every bit of it :)

Oh & as a little side note I had to wake up Monday- Friday at 4:30 AM for work :( How awful... I feel like scrooge to some degree for wanting some sleep oops!

I hope you ladies have had a good week :) Hopefully I can catch up a bit on blogs since I have some spare time!

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