Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life As Of Lately

Life has been a bit busy lately but at least busy has meant a fun busy :) & not awful busy! That too me a great plus...

Monday I worked a 6 hr shift then afterwards I headed to Alicia's. We had dinner from Sonic afterwards we watched our Hallmark movies & pinned a thousand things on pinterest. Oh &  I almost forgot my sweet daddy did a prank call on her. Now that was pretty funny... I am sad you ladies could not hear the conversation :(

Tuesday night was movie night :)

Wednesday was lets clean day. & when I say day I truly mean all day. The house was a disaster & this OCD girl could not take it any longer it had to be cleaned & put back to order pronto... Oh & I didn't sleep at all last night sadly maybe 30 minutes to an hour. I went to bed at 10 pm thinking I would have plenty of shut eye before my work alarm went off at 4:30 am wrong so wrong! Instead all I did was toss & turn. I was beyond angry at my body.

Today I had to work an 8 hour shift which started at 6 am. I am now off & am going to catch up on blogs which I so very badly need to catch up on from like last week bad oops... Oh & I am trying very hard to stay awake for as long as possible to teach my body it needs to sleep when I tell it too otherwise I am gonna be mean to me & it both... Fingers crossed my body learns a valuable lesson!

Tomorrow I have to work another 8 hour shift which also begins at 6 am sadly. I can truly say I am not a morning person! I am such a bitch come morning time. Bad? I know! Once I get off tomorrow I will come straight home & pass out for a bit then later Alicia & I are going out :)  I cannot wait! I am one happy girl... Oh & I almost forgot afterwards Its gonna be sleepover time with her bc hubby my cousin will be at work so I am going to go keep her company...

Saturday Alicia & I are going to go shopping again for a few last minute gifts. However we both decided we are not going to shop until we drop again like last Friday. We are going to go to maybe 1 to 3 stores, go eat then head back home to relax & of course watch our new Hallmark movie coming on at 9 pm :) Us girls cannot wait! 

Sunday is who knows day! I have no clue what is planned as of now so we will just have to see!

Oh & I had to share this cute little video of me & boxer boi... He is growing into his man hood!

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Helene said...

your dog is too cute. I have not finished chirstmas shopping, I need to do that this weekend too.

I want to go to nashville for christmas based on those pics below!!
Helene in Between